Care and Nursing Alliance provide care for people in there own homes, rehabilitation and enablement are at the forefront of our outcome focused support packages.

Nursing staff,care staff, hca's and childcare workers are trained and qualified to provide complex care in the home setting. our customers benefit from having a team of staff chosen by the service user or representative (if appropriate) to provide personalised and tailored support to the individual they are working for.

Personal care in your own home

Staff at Care and Nursing alliance are highly trained and this training includes training in personal care, staff understand that often, providing this service is intimate and can be a traumatic event for the people we support.

Training for staff in this area enables staff to provide this care with confidence and staff are aware of how vulnerable people could be at this time.

Staff ensure that the dignity and respect of the service is at the heart of there actions and always ensure they are professional.

At assessment stage we would gain knowledge of exactly what needs doing, in what order and create a care task sheet that is very descriptive for staff to enable them to have a consistent approach to a specified task.

Staff will have empathy and understanding as they are fully aware of the physical and emotional impact this has on our services users.

Support in the community

People who are in receipt of services from care and nursing alliance can be supported with everyday tasks such as shopping,attending appointments,accessing the community in a variety of forms.

Staff currently support our service users to access activities such as, swimming, hydrotherapy,physiotherapy,health and fitness classes, leisure pursuits and much more, the goal and aim is for people that use our services to have the support from the right people to access things that are a necessity as well other community facilities they wish to access through choice.

Staff have experience in what is available in the local area and will research, plan and risk assess activities that are suggested, staff will look for opportunities to promote independence and encourage the people we are supporting to be involved and have choice and control in there decisions and life outside there home setting.

staff will implement and follow activity plans and assessments whilst supporting choice and rights by having a flexible approach to enabling access to the community.

Care and support in sourced accommodation through us

We at care and Nursing alliance have a wealth of experience in sourcing the right accommodation for the people who use our service, from finding accommodation that is shared or single occupancy.

Service users are able to have there own tenancy agreement, be part of a corporate let or in some cases receive support to purchase accommodation.

Care and nursing are aware of the local resources for emergency and planned accommodation which we support our services users to access from the local authority, district council and other such authorities to ensure they are treated equally along with other members of the community.

Care and Nursing alliance have access to a number of properties in case people who use ours services need a home and liaise with all involved to help people find the right place to live that meets there needs.

Overnight support

Our staff provide support at the times our service users need it most, at times this can be through the night where people can feel vulnerable and lonely.

staff can sleep in a spare room ready to be awoken should our service user need us, some service users have regular needs in the night and at times these can be incorporated into this provision of care.

staff can support with medication before and after bed whilst being on hand to support any emergency that could arise during the periods when other people are not available.

Waking night support

Care staff provide support around the clock to meet the needs of our services users, sometimes this could be 1 or 2 care staff at night ensuring our services users get the care they need throughout the night, staff complete jobs in relation to positioning, pressure area care, pain management, medication administration and many more direct tasks with our service users.

Staff also can complete household tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning, ironing, and other household tasks. 

Respite holiday relief

We have supported people in a variety of settings in relation to holidays, whether that be to enable full time care staff/family to have a well deserved break or to support the service users themselves to access holiday destinations.

We have and can be involved in all aspect of a holiday, from planning and risk assessing, to attending and providing care and support whilst on holiday.

We have experience in organizing and suggesting destinations that have specialized facilities, accessing grants and completing applications for service users to gain financial support  whilst we have also adapted support to enable our services users to have the holidays they deserve.