Specialist Support

At Care and Nursing Alliance, we have experience in providing specialist support which can at times be described as extremely difficult. The professional, well trained staff that we have are experienced in dealing with these challenging, difficult situations that require a high level of skill. The types of packages that we have managed successfully include people with physical disabilities, mental health problems, behavioural problems, and learning disabilities (as a broad list). More specifically, we have lots of experience with diagnoses of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), psychoses and depression, anxiety disorders, and many more. We ensure that we have tailor-made packages that encompass the needs of the service users and staff teams that are specifically recruited and trained to these needs (with sufficient time). In emergency situations, we have staff trained in skills that are specialist to the service users we support - just some of the specialisms our staff are trained in can be found on our training information page. In summary, Care and Nursing Alliance treat each person as an individual, match these individuals to the staff we have or need to acquire, plan a routine of care alongside the professionals involved in specialist support, and deliver a care package as it is prescribed to the best of our ability.