Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

Care and Nursing Alliance currently supports several people with a diagnosis of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), and is heavily involved in the running, organisation, and delivery of all aspects of their care. We liaise with the professionals and collaborate with multi agencies to ensure the person we provide support for gets the best possible care.

We believe in the improvements that people can make with the right knowledge and hard work, and see our role not as containment, but to facilitate and aid rehabilitation, whatever that means for each individual we have the opportunity to support.

Our team of carers include a social worker, a qualified nurse, a behaviour analyst, and staff who have worked directly on shift and subsequently understand and empathise with the service user’s family and staff managing the many obstacles faced by those with injuries.

We are/have:

  • Experienced in providing care and managing cases for people with an ABI.
  • ABI trained staff (trained by the ABI team in the local hospital).
  • Staff trained in positioning, peg, OBS, and suctioning.
  • Supportive to the wider family of the service user.
  • Qualified nurse who oversees and supports care staff and liaises with professionals.
  • Fully compliant with CQC.