Learning disability

At Care Alliance, we recruit experienced staff members who have worked in numerous settings with people who have learning difficulties.

Our experience means that staff members from our care agency can join your team at short notice and become a valuable asset whilst improving the day to day life of service users.

Some of the skills of our staff include:

  • Common sense approach to problem solving.
  • Empathy.
  • Understanding of service users’ rights.
  • Monitoring/reporting writing skills.
  • Ability to act on direction.
  • Ability to support/undertake everyday household tasks.
  • Ability to follow care plans, behaviour plans, and other recommended guidance.

Staff at Care Alliance understand the meaning of improving the quality of life for someone who has a learning difficulty, whilst appreciating that service users need to make their own risk assessed choices balanced with the duty of care we all uphold.

When you book staff through our care agency, we will discuss with you the needs of your service users including diagnosis, care plans, and any treatment guidelines you wish us to be aware of.Care workers will be led by existing staff but will have the ability to work by their own initiative once inducted to your service.

Care Alliance will be consistent with the staff that work in your organisation wherever possible, as we understand the importance of building relationships and understandings between service users and staff.

The wealth of experience we have in this area means that care workers get excellent guidance, training, and supervision, as well as being able to read your care plans and provide the care to your service users as prescribed.