Palliative Care

Care and Nursing Alliance encompasses a holistic approach to care from the point of diagnosis, throughout the individual’s life to death and beyond. We support the individual, their family, and friends to embrace the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual elements of care so that there can be a focus on the enhancement of their quality of life through to subsequent death.

Palliative Care from Care and Nursing Alliance

All our care is designed specifically to meet the individual’s needs. Our team of carers have completed training in palliative care, which means we can take the central of role supporting families and other carers to provide appropriate nursing care, companionship, and all aspects of personal care. At Care and Nursing Alliance, we believe passionately that we have a duty to provide a high standard of quality care for people in their last days - which we believe is just as important as the quality of life which they experienced and enjoyed prior to this.