Physical disability

Caring for someone with a physical disability or illness can often be a very challenging responsibility. An important part of your work is ensuring that the person we care for has the best quality of life possible through enhanced independence and dignity. Technical aids and appliances, as well as the right modifications to the home and accessible transport are all vital elements in independent living. Getting around can be one of the most important issues facing those with illnesses or disabilities. The provision of suitable, accessible transport and mobility support can in many instances make the role of the carer more manageable, as it can enable the person to maintain some independence and complete task that support the persons self esteem and development in learning to cope with there disability.

Care And Nursing Believe every person with a physical disability has the right to live a life that gives them oppertunity and equality.

Independence, specialized support, the right to be an individual.





  • Comprehensive support from qualified care staff ensuring access to professionals and equality.
  • implementation of prescribed care in a planned
  • Practical support to enable the individual to life the best quality of life possible
  • rehabilitation to support the person to be as as physically active as possible
  • support with dealing with the common emotions and feelings common amongst people with a physical disability.