Types of care

At Care and Nursing alliance we provide tailor made care individual to the people who require support, we have the following categories that are common however if you feel there is something you or the person who needs care require please let us know as we are a flexible service users led service


Our staff provide support at the times our service users need it most, at times this can be through the night where people can feel vulnerable and lonely.

Staff can sleep in a spare room ready to be awoken should our service user need us, some service users have regular needs in the night and at times these can be incorporated into this provision of care.

Staff can support with medication before and after bed whilst being on hand to support any emergency that could arise during the periods when other people are not available.

24 hour care

We provide a 24hr service of around the clock Care, staff members will be able to meet a persons need no matter the time, or day of the week.

Staff will be available throughout all holiday and bank holiday periods, they (as a team) never leave the person requiring care without someone able to support them at the time they need it most.

1-1 staffing

1-1 care is an area we have a wealth of expirience, this type of care takes indepth knowledge and management.

We  have  small teams of people that provide this  care so we can have a consistant approach with staff that have the relationship and knowledge to provide person centered care for an indivdual with a high needs.

Liasing with proffesionals and ensuring the care given is as prescribed by the proffesioanls involved.


2-1 staffing

We provide staffing for complex cases where people recieving care may have needs that require 2 staff at a time.

Our expirience of these types of care provision is proven and we have managed packages with multiple proffesionals and ensured quality of care is at the forfront of aims and goals.

We have the structure and sytems involved to manage these cases with proffesionalism and integrity ensuring the service users needs are being met to high standard